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ONTCO is a proudly South African ontological coaching and facilitation company that provides individual and team training and facilitation to the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

Our Offering .


Individual Coaching

Coaching offered to individuals within an organisation or in their personal capacities…


Blended Team and Individual Coaching

A blend of Team and Individual Coaching where coaches support the team…


Team Coaching

The ONTCO team coaching process supports teams to function effectively and deliver on their purpose in the organisation…

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Foundation Workshop

A two-to-three-day workshop that supports team coaching covering core ontological distinctions…


Diversity and Inclusion

This programme allows for a safe, compassionate, caring space that enables courageous conversations…


Leadership Development

Core skills for effective leadership are developed in this programme…

Personal Development and Effectiveness

Core skills of self-awareness and personal mastery are offered in this programme...

Personal Development and Effectiveness

Core skills of self-awareness and personal mastery are offered in this programme...

Our Unique offer
ONTCO’s unique offer is a collective of coaches are trained in the same coherent methodology and therefore have an integrated, aligned and consistent way of working as well as a shared responsibility for focus on key priorities and delivering outcomes that matter to the client. This supports increased organisational impact of the coaching offer, as the ‘organisational vocabulary’ expands to include the language and distinctions offered by the ontological methodology.

What our Customers Say .

The coaching resulted in a much happier, more productive team. The team always looked forward to their sessions and the coaches did an excellent job of helping them overcome obstacles and challenges. It has been a great benefit for our organisation. For me in particular the benefits of the coaching have been a great increase in my confidence to navigate difficult decisions, related to the direction of the organisation and in dealing with staff and other day to day issues. I have recommended coaching, and ONTCO in particular, to a number of other organisations.

Joshua Cox Founder CEO, Fix Forward

The ONTCO team is made up of dedicated professionals who have gone out of their way to ensure the process has been inclusive, supportive and respectful of individual team members and organisational culture, working towards the broader goals of the organisation. We have no hesitation in recommending this ONTCO to any organisation who understands the importance of a safe and happy work environment for the organisation as a whole as well as for the wellbeing of staff members.

Mandy Moussouris Director
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We are members of Coaches and Mentors South Africa (COMENSA).