About Us

Who We Are

About Us .

ONTCO was established in 2017 to provide a platform for ontologically trained coaches and facilitators to make a collective offer to organisations in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. The modern workplace requires employees to have more than a set of technical or subject matter skills. To this end,  ONTCO was  founded on the assessment that Ontological Coaching can provide organisations, individuals and teams with a powerful methodology to improve performance, build effective working relationships with stakeholders and transform organisational culture. With ONTCO, individuals and teams learn a set of competencies and practices seldom acquired in the traditional preparation for work, that are the foundation of personal and professional success.

Our Vision .

To be a leading coaching and facilitation company that creates impactful shifts that support clients to live with purpose and meaning, and contribute to the common good of our society and communities.

Our Mission .

ONTCO’s mission is to offer coordinated transformational coaching, facilitation and leadership development services for individuals, teams, and organisations, underpinned by a proven Ontological methodology, with professional care & expertise.

Our Values .


We create a safe, confidential, and supportive environment.


We consistently maintain strong ethics and honour the COMENSA and ICF Code of Ethics.

Honesty and Sincerity

We act in a transparent and trustworthy manner.


We work and conduct ourselves in a way that is competent, respectful, and reliable.


We Accept responsibility for our actions and inactions.

Dignity & Respect

We value and treat everyone with dignity and respect.

Diversity & Inclusion

We celebrate diversity and appreciate the richness it brings.


We take joy in our work and in our partnership with our clients.


We are committed to continuous learning and improvement.

Our Unique Offer .

ONTCO’s unique offer is a collective of coaches are trained in the same coherent methodology and therefore have an integrated, aligned and consistent way of working as well as a shared responsibility for focus on key priorities and delivering outcomes that matter to the client. This supports increased organisational impact of the coaching offer, as the ‘organisational vocabulary’ expands to include the language and distinctions offered by the ontological methodology.
Collectively, the Directors have 60 years experience in Coaching, Training and Facilitation.

Ownership .

ONTCO is owned by 5 ontologically trained and certified partners, who also serve as executive directors. ONTCO has a 58% black women ownership and has Level 2 B-BBEE accreditation.


Coaching Model & Methodology .

ONTCO’s coaching offer is underpinned by a powerful methodology for effecting change for individuals, teams, and organisations. 

The model is defined by a dynamic interplay between language, mood, physiology (body and posture) referred to as Way of Being. The Way of Being is central to how people learn, function and change. It is an underlying driver of behaviour and communication.