Our Offering

Our Offering .

By participating in our programmes, individuals and teams learn a set of competencies and practices that are the foundation of personal and organisational  success and are seldom acquired in the traditional preparation for work.

Individual coaching

Coaching offered to individuals within an organisation or in their personal capacities and the heart/core is coaching conversations which result in new insights that are translated into practices enabling the coaching client to adapt, develop and form new, more effective ways of working.

Blended Team and Individual Coaching

A blend of Team and Individual Coaching where coaches support the team to have effective working relationships, and throughout the process individual coaching supports each member of the team’s capacity to respectfully bring the conversations that are important to them into the team coaching space.

Team Coaching

The ONTCO team coaching process supports teams to function effectively and deliver on their purpose in the organisation. By applying a structured process that attends to the common concerns of the team, ONTCO unlocks the team’s ability to deliver common outcomes and collaborate with various stakeholders.

Group of designers multiethnic team discussing affairs at coworking office

Foundation Workshop

A two-to-three-day workshop that supports team coaching covering core ontological distinctions. It is an on-boarding process for individual and team coaching and ensures all participants develop the language and understanding that will serve as a foundation for the coaching process.

Diversity and Inclusion

This programme allows for a safe, compassionate, caring space that enables courageous conversations and deep reflective experiential work on diversity and inclusion. Individuals and organisations are supported to understand diversity and appreciate the creativity of difference that it brings. This programme is available online, usually as 12 sessions of 3 hours each. When it is available as an in-person workshop it is offered over 3 consecutive days.

Leadership Development

Core skills for effective leadership are developed in this programme. The skills include self-awareness, listening, conscious responding, learning to use language to achieve more effective communication, mood management and designing effective conversations. The programme is offered online or in-person in 5 sessions of 4 hours each.

Personal Development and Effectiveness

Core skills of self-awareness and personal mastery are offered in this programme. Individuals learn to use language that generates what is meaningful and helpful to them. They also learn to identify, manage, and manoeuvre moods such that they are effective and productive at personal and professional levels.